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the 21st Century COE Program

The 21st Century COE Program was established with the introduction of grants for the establishment of research centers in fiscal 2002, under the June 2001 "Policies for the Structural Reform of MEXT Universities."

To ensure that Japanese universities can conduct educational and research activities on a par with the world's best universities, it is necessary to foster a competitive environment by introducing the principle of competition based on third-party assessments. There must be greater competition among universities, whether national, municipal or private. This program seeks to form world-class centers for research and education in Japanese universities, with the aim of raising research levels and developing creative human resources who will rank among the best in the world. The policy is designed to facilitate the development of unique and internationally competitive universities through the provision of prioritized support. Detailed information can be found at http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-21coe/.

Note: In the category of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture and other types of engineering, applications were requested in fiscal 2003. This program is one of the 23 that were approved.

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